Play Better Golf!

​you can lose 6 to 10 strokes ​per round ​with the tips and techniques we share with you here at the

5 Dollar Golf Club

​Up until now it has taken too long and too much money to learn how to play golf well. We are about to change that.

​How Long Will It Take?

​Take as long as you need. The videos in our Member's Section are short (3-5 minutes) and easy to understand. ​Low handicappers looking for a few tweaks will find the answers here. Beginners looking for an inexpensive way to learn the game in private will be thrilled with the lessons available in our Member's Area.

​How Much Will It Cost?

How can we say this? FIVE Dollars. Or $5. Maybe 5 Dollars. That's all. No matter how long it takes to reach your goals, membership in the 5DollarGolfClub is only $5 per month. Most good Golf Instructors charge $75 ​per hour ​or more​​​​​​. You do the math. No long term obligation. Simply stay as long as you need to, leave when you achieve your goals.

​Meet The Faculty

Jeff Smith, PGA is the Director of Instruction for the 5DOllarGolfClub. Jeff is an experienced PGA Teaching Professional recognized as one of the best in the country. Jeff has taught thousands of golfers from rank amateurs to ranked professionals. In fact, this year's Indiana High School Girls Champion is one of Jeff's students. Another of his students holds the record for the lowest score ever shot in competition by a member of the LaSalle University Golf Team. And then there's Tyler Duncan. Tyler joined the PGA Tour in 2017 after finishing as one of the top money winners on the Tour. Tyler has been a student of Jeff's since he was in the 8th grade.

​You can benefit from Jeff's expert instruction for a mere $5 a month!