About Jeff Smith



Jeff is teaching and fitting people for clubs at Otter Creek Golf Course on a full time basis, but he has also been a guest teaching professional at various golf schools and golf courses in the North and South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Nevada, Arizona and Florida..

He has taught over 19,500 lesson hours since 1994 and was the lead instructor for the PGA's Growth of the Game Jr. Golf Clinic at the 2010 PGA Professional National Championship in French Lick, Indiana, and was the Jr. Clinic Chairman at the 2014 PGA Championship Junior & Veteran Golf Clinic in Louisville, KY. and was an instructor at the Jr. Golf Clinic at the 2015 Sr. PGA Championship in French Lick, Indiana.

​Jeff  is also a:

BioSwing Dynamics Level 2 Certified Instructor
K-Vest Level 2 Certified Instructor

Smart 2 Move Certified Instructor

Myelinator Certified Instructor                                                                                        
Titleist Clubfitter
Callaway Clubfitter

​He has also served as either the Director of Instruction or the Director of Golf at ​Golf Clubs ​throughout No. Carolina and Indiana.

​Now we bring in the extremely talented Mr. Smith as the Director Of Instruction here at 5DollarGolfClub. 

​Jeff brings an innate ability to communicate to his students in English, not "Golfese" so his lessons are easy to understand even for a beginning golfer. This is just one of the reasons Jeff has received multiple awards for "Teacher Of The Year" Awards and Nominations.

​Over the past 10 years, Jeff has helped 45 High School students get College Golf Scholarships, has coached many Junior, High School and Collegiate Golfers to tournament victories and has even taken one long time student (Tyler Duncan) to the PGA Tour, where he finished 4th in his very first Tournament.

​Jeff is available for lessons at his facility is Columbus, Indiana (abut $100/hour) or here at 5DollarGolfClub, at a much more reasonable rate. ​Join Now​​​