Frequently Asked Questions

Is $5 a promotional price?

NO!!!! The monthly fee for access to 5DollarGolfClub is and will always be $5! While there will be some opportunities for additional advanced training from Jeff Smith, including some fancy schmancy video conferencing, face-to-face instruction and in-person instruction coming in the next few months, the basic membership is and will remain just $5.

Who is this Jeff Smith guy, anyway?

Jeff is considered to be the #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana and one of the top teachers in the country by the folks who rank those sorts of things. You can read Jeff's full bio here. And we suggest you do that. It is quite impressive!

Why don't you offer something free so we can try it out?

Are you kidding me? 5 bucks isn't close enough to free for you? Many of those folks who offer something for free are just trying to get your email address so they can attempt to sell you the "latest and greatest" gizmo to come on the market. We have solid training here. Training that will reduce your score by 6-10 strokes per round in a matter of a few weeks. But if you'd rather, give us your email and we'll try to sell you all the latest gizmos that promise the moon but don't really accomplish anything.

How long do I have to commit?

A month! That's it. You pay $5 the first month you join, then $5 each month you want to stay a member. While we'd love you to stay forever, when you feel you've reached your goals and there is no more room for improvement, just cancel with no hassles from us at all.

Why are most of your video lessons about wedge play and putting?

Because that's where most of us Amateur Golfers need the most help. Do the math, what would your average score per round be right now if you chunked one less chip, had no 3 putts and could get up and down from a bunker first time, every time? From 100 yards in is where most of the scoring takes place. Jeff is adding new videos every week and will be dealing with mid irons, long irons, hybrids, woods and drivers too. But let's start where we all need the most help.

Is this site secure?

Oh, you bet it is! We use a credit card processor named Stripe for all our financial transactions. They are totally safe, secure, and take all necessary steps to protect your financial data. We don't have access to any of that info.

What's this Founders Group thing?

Since 5DollarGolfClub is brand new, we are looking for 100 avid golfers who not only want to improve their game but also want to help direct the training. The founder's group will be asked to participate regularly in Jeff's Live Facebook Webinars as well as have the opportunity to submit questions and videos directly to Jeff. Jeff will help the Founder's Group member directly plus use that particular problem as the subject for a video for the entire club membership. Pretty cool, huh? If we haven't already reached the 100 member level in the Founder's Group, you're welcome to join. And we'll give you a 50% discount on a one year membership. Join the Founder's Group for just $30 for a full year here.


Yeah, if there are no further questions, JOIN HERE.