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The 5Dollar Golf Club

No matter where you are now, no matter how well you play, how often you play or how many lessons you’ve had. The 5dollarGolfClub is the best way to improve. Maybe you’re an occasional golfer who shoots in the 90’s but would play more often if your scores were better. Sign Up and your scores will get lower, meaning your enjoyment of the game will be so much better! Shooting lower scores is FUN! Our PAR membership is designed for you with the outcome being consistent scores in the low 80’s with a few 70 somethings in there too.
PAR Level: Basic but by no means Limited!
Each month you will have complete access to:

  • Bi-monthly Live Webinars
  • Weekly video lessons from Jeff Smith and other of America’s Top 100 Teachers
  • The complete video “Quick Fix” library to handle any problem you may be having on the course
  • Free access to the 5DollarGolfClub’s Secret Facebook page. A community of like-minded golfers. Share stories, tips, ideas, maybe make a new friend or two too!

All this (plus more features added as they become available) for Just $5 A Month!

Two Payment Options
1) Pay $5 per month, each month. Leave anytime you feel you’ve learned enough, or
2) Spend even less by taking a discount for a full year payment of just $50! Yup, buy 10 months, get 2 free.



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